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Jewish Actors

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Somehow most of our stars now are mostly Jews and a few half-Jews. Ethnic networking works!
Actors are a key ingredient to creating a Jewish on-screen mirage. The White European Gentiles (non-Jews) of America often don't know who the Jews are among their favorite actors, because they often surgically alter their faces to lose their Jewish appearance. Nicole Kidman is one example. Some are half-Jews, such as Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford. However, increasingly as Jews feel their dominance and control, more and more naturally Jewish ethnic-looking actors are appearing, such as Sarah J. Parker.

David Duchovny

Half Jew, on his Father's side.
His mother was Scottish.
 "His father was Brooklyn-born Amram Duchovny...a playwright who also worked as publicist for the American Jewish Committee. His mother, Margaret, was a Lutheran Scot, and a teacher. With that heritage, Duchovny jokes, you shouldn't ask him for money. He also says it gave him a "Protestant work ethic combined with Jewish guilt and introspection."  SOURCE

Dustin Hoffman

Sarah Jessica Parker,
Of "Sex and the City," a show about four sluts. Sarah Parker has a typical Ashkenazi look.

A younger Sarah Jessica Parker.
Ethnic networking works.

Fred Savage, "Wonder Years"
Ethnic networkings works wonders for  the kids, too.

Nicole Kidman, with her natural looks (left) and after much plastic surgery (right.) Kidman is a Zionist who helps the state of Israel and pays regular visits there.

Before getting implants. This is her original tribal face.

How 'bout those cheekbones.

Ted Danson

Goldie Hawn
Got her start on "Laugh-In" dancing around with pictures drawn on her and acting goofy. Possibly is a Jewish-Gentile mix. Actress. If you're a Jew, you're always funny!

Jews prefer in the end to marry each other, but they forbid White Europeans to practice the same ethnic in-group marriage. Note that Jewish dating sites abound (and it's an ethnicity). But try to find a White Dating Site. They have Gentiles brainwashed that it's not O.K. to practice ethnic in-group exclusivity, but it's O.K. for Jews.

Jewish Princess #2
: Actress (?)
Natalie Portman, Queen of Naboo'
All the royalty in movies, it seems, must be Jewish or half-Jewish. Porter can't act very well. But Ethnic networking works!

Jewish Princess #1:
Actress Carrie
Fisher, Princess Leia in Star Wars
A White-Jew mix, Jewish on father's side.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow is a White-Jew Mix
Jewish from her father's side

Born into an orthodox Jewish family

Romance of two Jews II:
Billy Crystal and Debra Winger

Mary Debra Winger, actress born in Cleveland Heights, Ohio into an Orthodox Jewish family, to Robert Winger, a meat packer. Winger's first acting role was as "Debbie" in the 1976 sexploitation film "Slumber Party '57". Winger has also been a vocal opponent of the arrest and prosecution of director Roman Polanski for raping a 13-year-old girl in the 1970s, accusing Switzerland's government of "philistine collusion" for arresting him.

4 Jewish-Gentile
Leading Men
Even being half-Jewish seems to give a big leg-up in Hollywood, movies, and T.V. Plus, the half-Jew, half-Gentile actor has his ethnic looks softened a great deal, and can appeal more easily to the larger Gentile demographic.
Duchovny (left), Ford, Douglas, and Gere are prime examples. And for some reason, maybe because of unbalanced Jewish power today, half-Jews appear to identify as Jews more than as Gentiles. Thus they tend to do movies with pro-Jewish scenes, as in the case of Douglas.

Harrison For
Half Irish,  Half Jewish (Jewish Mother)

Quote: "As a man, I've always felt Irish. As an actor, I've always felt Jewish."
Article about Ford being honored by
the B'nai B'rith

Michael Douglas
 Half Jew. His father, actor
 Kirk Douglas
, was a full Jew.
His mother was not Jewish.

Richard Gere
Born Jewish and raised Methodist..."
Comment: The statement above in a bio on Gere implies he is at least half-Jewish, though the equating of religion with race is  confusing. Gere has some Jewish looks, but more the looks of a White/Jewish mix (like Michael Douglas, Duchovny, and Harrison Ford at Right)

Jewish Comedians
Jews like Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart cracking jokes serve to make the public face of Jews more likable, because humor can make us feel good. But think about it: would a con man act nasty towards you? Of course not. In order to deceive us, the Jews must endear themselves to us, and thus put a sugar coating on their hard-to-swallow propaganda pills.

Sarah Silverman
Jewish "comedienne" specializing in sacrilege and obscenity.  Recently featured in an interview by the Jewish CEO Michael Eisner of Walt Disney, which was once a family oriented media company.

Bob Saget
Jews seem to specialize in profanity and obscenity for their "humor." Some believe this is an ethnic/racial trait of Jews. Trashing Gentile standards and norms is their "brilliance."

Sandra Bernhard
See Upper Far Right Column

Jenny Slate
Jewish comedienne from New York. On her first appearance on "Saturday Night Live," September 2009, she used the "f" word, breaking the network's profanity policy.

Billy Crystal

Gene Wilder

Romance of two Jews I: Madeline Kahn and Gene Wilder

Jerry Seinfeld

Gilda Radner
What a place in prime time?
Ethnic networking helps.

Jerome Lester Horwitz
("Curly Howard"), Lithuanian Jew, died at age 48


Bob Saget, looking ethnic

Potty humorist Bob Saget (New York Jew) tells the "Aristocrats" joke. [warning, extremely profane video, link for educational and reference purposes only.]  Sarah Silverman (pictured above) tells it, too. [warning, extremely profane video, link for educational and reference purposes only.]

Sandra Bernhard
Big-Mouthed Obscene Jewish Comic who freely expresses hatred for Gentiles and Christianity. Possibly the ugliest woman in America, both spiritually and physically.

Leonard Alfred Schneider ("Lenny Bruce"), a Jewish "pioneer" in "comedy." discharged from the Navy for homosexuality, introduced extreme profanity into White society, died at age 40. Bruce was sometimes arrested for obscenity and drugs. It's too late now, though, his trash talk is now commonplace

Lenny Bruce [Leonard Alfred Schneider] came to fame by pioneering profanity, shock tactics, and cultural violation in standup comedy. He became a cause celebre among culture rotters, influencing many other comedians and media itself. Entertainers specializing in the obscene and "pushing the envelope" -- Howard Stern, Sarah Silverman, etc. -- are the spiritual descendants of Bruce. Fellow Jews Woody Allen, Allan Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan all appeared at the trial to protect him. Later the extraordinarily successful Jewish actor Dustin Hoffman (shown below) portrayed a profound Bruce in the movie Lenny. Frequently arrested on drug and obscenity charges (he was convicted of obscenity changes in San Francisco in 1964 in San Fransisco), Bruce was once arrested for stealing priestly vestments to impersonate priests. He died naked surrounded by morphine and syringes.

Some of the "humor" of the Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman:
Silverman is proof we are now living in a "Jewish Golden Age." Only in conditions of extreme Jewish media control could such a person as Silverman achieve fame and notoriety.

A word about "joke news" like The Onion and Daily News:

1. Making you laugh while feeding you propaganda is just another feel-good deception
2. Comedians are often praised for being "irreverent," but rarely do people notice that the subject at hand is no joke, i.e., it pertains to serious crime that we should be angry about and instantly seeking justice, not sitting around laughing about it. On 911, The Onion run a report entitled, "Holy f!@# s!@#!!!" with pictures of explosions. We need to get over our desire to laugh and feel good long enough to ask ourselves: is this appropriate?

 Where have all the Aryans Gone?

The new ideal for leading men?
Adrien Brody, of "King Kong" Is the Movie Industry Developing
A New Racial Standard For America's Romantic Leading Men?
(See half-Jews Richard Gere, Michael Douglas, David Duchovny, and Harrison Ford above.)

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